Sunday, January 27, 2019

Winter Skidsteer Polar Vortex Storm

Well, that should cover just about all of it. At least what I am thinking about this morning.
Well there it is. Winter is here. I would have preferred the snows without the storms and predicted subzero temperatures.

It was -25 F and calm yesterday morning. The sunrise was beautiful with purples and pinks. By 9AM it was only 14 below [well, that is what my smarty pants phone said as we no longer have an outdoor thermometer...which I will fix today..]. I did chores and Charlie went with me for part of the time. I must say, he is a sturdy little dog. But he is young too.
Dixie didn't want to come out of her hay bale igloo in the shed. I poked my head in there and it was pretty warm. 

By mid afternoon I got a text from Justin. He said he wanted to come down and put the skid steer tire on. 
Well we got the tire on. However, in order to put the tracks on, we needed to start it and lift it with the bucket and set it down...well, I won't bore you with the details but all of the rest of the work hinged on starting the skidsteer. 

I had it plugged in. It wouldn't start. We figured it was the battery. I'd recalled that Rich had said at one point that he probably would need a new one? Rich didn't recall that. 
His memory is fuzzy about most things these days. The last time he was in the shed he was frustrated because 'something' wasn't there that he had put there. I found the items in his truck later and told him ... well, that didn't go so well either.

[I have to keep recalling that Rich's anger that get's directed at me is not really his normal. It is the frustration, the pain, the feeling of helplessness from all of his illnesses that he can only express his frustration in the tone of anger. He used to be able to stomp out to the shed and fix everything himself. Not any more.]


The conclusion was we'd have to wait for better weather. Justin could open the battery compartment and charge the battery and we could finish the job. But it would be a while. 

Justin promised to plow us out during the next storm. He wouldn't take any payment, relaying that when they needed help, I was always there and I took care of all of their chores when they went on vacations. Even up.

So the skidsteer is stuck right there in the way. I can't get the big old truck out to get small square bales, but I have the monster bales to use.

It looks like a very cold wintry week coming up. 

And the Vortex is coming!

The Skidsteer saga continues. I told Justin at this point I'd rather hire someone to plow this winter. I'd get the skidsteer parked and send it in come spring time to get overhauled or just sell it.

Next Saturday it looks like it may get up close to 30 degrees. That will be the day to start the skid steer, charge the battery and finish putting the tracks back on it. 

For today, I'm getting the usual things in town and then parking the 'Ru in a spot to make it easier for Justin to plow after the storm. 
One day at a time.


  1. Hire someone to plow = best decision! There is nothing worse than fighting with recalcitrant equipment in arctic temps. Not having to do that - priceless:)

    1. And when I said that, my neighbor argued that he was there to plow. However, I will call around to make sure I have plow coverage when said neighbor is on the family vacation in February!
      I could get out by ski,snowshoe, or by mule, but that is not an option for hubby!

  2. It started to snow here this afternoon. Supposed to get windy and blow that snow around. I suppose it will go your way and then the arctic blast that is coming....I hope Saturdays temperatures are not a mistake we are supposed to get to 29 above zero!!! Stay warm!

    1. If we get up to 29 on Saturday I should be able to start that skidsteer and move it out of the way! That would be welcome. ... what a swap in temps. From predicted -32 on Wednesday to 29 on Saturday? 61 degree difference in temps!

  3. I love the picture of the 'vortex'. Warm thoughts going your way. It's above zero here this morning but the prediction is for the cold to return this week.

    1. I added that 'vortex' swirl of course...temps are rising here too. So I am going to get water into the 100 gallon heated tank for the woods mules and make a place for the elderly mule gal inside before that subzero stuff hits. Stay warm Mary!