Thursday, January 24, 2019

Snow dogs...

Snow swimming is fun...

Since the winds are supposed to pick up and the temperatures drop from 18 to -14 this afternoon, I took a short break after the cross country ski adventure with my neighbor and kids ...
and took the dogs for a walk to the creek.

Yesterday's warm sun thawed some of the iced over sections of the creek. I was amazed at how unfazed Charlie seemed to be while hiking through the creek. Dixie could care less, she is an outside dog but during the cold snaps she has a deep nest inside a stack of hay with blankets. She made the first nest and then I made it into an igloo. Charlie, Dixie, and I all fit inside it.
I feel like a kid again, making forts in a pile of hay.


Where one dog goes, the other likes to follow.

Here you can get an idea of exactly how small Charlie is compared to Dixie who is what we would call a medium to large dog. She is about as big as a large Labrador, weighing in at about 55 to 60 lbs.

They are pretty good together. Dixie puts up with his presence and pays extremely close attention to me.
I think she sees him like a pesky little gnat.

Then there are those times when I just smile and adore the two of them.

And then there are moments that I just can't help myself and I laugh...


The temperatures have dropped 12 degrees in the last 3 hours and the winds are picking up.

I'm going to head out and settle everyone in for the night with plenty of feed and warm water.

Tomorrow may be a day to stay inside. Well, except for chores that is.


  1. Charlie makes me smile too! Great photos of the pair! Stay warm!

  2. The snow swimming and snow covered Charlie are precious pictures and make me smile.