Friday, August 24, 2018

Googly Eyes ~ By Charlie

She grabbed a bunch of things and then paused at the door. I heard the keys things jingle and knew she was going in the car thing.

She tried giving me a ride on the 4 Wheeler which rumbles and growls, I didn't like that at all.
If she walks to that Growly Thing, I run away a safe distance.
I will chase her though as she rides it.
I'm sure the Growler will one day eat her.
I may be small, but I feel it is my duty to watch over her.

Anyway, the keys jingled and I beat her to the door. I'm not always sure what the key jingles mean except I do know that she leaves for a while.

Sometimes I get in my new seat thing she built me and we go to the ridge and watch the sun come up or just hang out and watch the sky. Well, she watches the sky, I smell the scents in the ditch.

Today she stopped at the door and looked at me. I think she was thinking because she just stood there for a moment holding the jingles.
And she stood there...and stood there.
I gave her my big round googly eyes. They usually make her eyes soften and she can't yell at me.

The googly eyes worked.
She opened the door and I followed her to the Subaru. She set up my car seat and blabbered on about ... how it was time I learned to travel with her.
What is traveling?

She then set me in and started the car. She said we were going to town to do some errands and I was going to get 'socialized'.
Ohhh that was a big word I didn't understand. But okay, I was game.
We went to a busy place where big trucks went by.
I got to meet a person she called John. She said he was a doctor of Chiropractic. I have no idea what a Chiro..practical is. But he was nice and I investigated the office and searched for cobwebs in the corners.

I was really worried at the next place. She left me in the car and ran into what she called the Credit Union. Pretty quickly she came running out and grabbed me. She said the girls wanted to meet me.

OH Boy!
She carried me into the building and I met a bunch of people! I wiggled and my tail just went crazy. Everyone had to pet me. I got put on a counter top and ladies all oohhed and ahhed and made nice noises. Then they gave me a dog cookie!
It was a big one too.

She broke it in half and set me on the carpet where I showed all the ladies that I could politely eat a dog treat.

Then I sat down and gave the ladies The Googly Eyes!

I think I melted hearts. I like this Socializing Stuff!

Finally we stopped at a place she called TSC. Tractor Supply Company and she took me through the dog treat section where my nose went crazy. The bone section was best but she said it was too pricey and we headed out.

The manager lady talked to us and said what a Cute dog I was.
I wagged and wiggled.
Then I remembered.

The Googly Eyes!
I looked up at the nice lady and made the eyes.

It works!

I got another treat!

Finally she said we were done in town and I had enough Socializing for one day.

I settled down in my seat and occasionally lifted my head to smell the world going by outside the car.

I was tired.
But I learned something.

I like Socializing.
I'm learning how to train people. And The Googly Eyes really work well for treats.

So I went to sleep on the couch when we got home.

And dreamt about Socializing and Googly Eyes.

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