Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Vet Visit

I thought after the last post that I'd best update how Mr. Morris is doing. First, thank you for the concerned comments and yes it is hard to have aging pets. I've had dogs as pets since I was a kid. The fact that our pets age faster than us has always been tough for me.
I have loved each dog that I've had so fiercely and totally...

Anway I called the vet's office and got a message that he was closed until Tuesday. I decided I wouldn't wait another day for Morris to see someone. So I called another office. At first the secretary said that she couldn't fit Morris in, then she asked what was going on and then after I told her she said she'd call me right back.

I paced the living room after hanging up. Morris was on his blanket on the floor and stared painfully at nothing.
The phone rang again. Can you come right now?

I was out the door with Morris's crate, leash and Morris. Off we went.
I met Chip a beautiful young and mild mannered German Shepard when I entered the office. He nosed Morris and stood politely back giving us space.
Dr. Grimm examined Morris quietly and with very gentle hands.
Blood work was in order.
She whisked Morris off to the back room for blood work and to subQ him with some fluids.
The blood work told us a lot. Morris had an infection and he had an issue with his kidneys. Kidney failure. Well, kidney issues, kidney problems, and dehydration along with a high white cell count.
Morris was indeed pretty sick.

Dr. Grimm went through the test results with me and then we went through some things that might help. He received an antibiotic and a medication to help with nausea and stomach cramps. We talked about his diet and she recommended some special Kidney Diet dog food.

I've always poo pooed this sort of thing, but holding Morris in my arms and listening to this doctor quietly explain what we may be able to do to help Morris feel better, I decided that indeed if I had to buy special prescription dog food I would.

So Morris and I left with medications and a case of Kidney Diet dog food. Dr. Grimm was careful to point out that the prognosis could go either way with kidney disease. I was painfully aware that Morris may not get better. However we live with hope. Right?
Dr. Grimm expressed that many dogs don't 'tell' you what is wrong until it is a serious issue. She calmed my feelings of guilt a bit. However as I drove home with Morris silent in his crate [he who usually protests loudly about not being able to ride shotgun], I still felt bad.

Rich, the ever tough hearted fellow has been extra attentive to Morris. He helps Morris onto the couch and pets him gently and speaks softly to him.

Morris has always affected our lives in a positive manner. He has made us laugh, made us angry, made us frustrated...and in general has done his job as a pet.
Now we care for him.

This morning he is has more life in his eyes. He has taken his meds and had plenty of water. He has so far ignored the new delicious food I put in his bowl. But it is early yet.

We have to leave for a day of appointments for Rich at the VA. My wonderful neighbor will come down and take Morris out and check on him. Her 3 year old son loves to take him out to go potty. She said she'll visit a couple of times to check on him.
I am amazed by the outpouring of love both on the internet and from those around my small farming community for Morris.
Indeed, I am so lucky to have had this amazing little fellow in my life for so long.

His prognosis is guarded. He will more than likely show improvement. The Dr. did say that some dogs do well for quite a while and some go down hill very fast. We don't know where Mr. Morris falls in that scenario.
But we continue to hope for some more time with this funny little guy.

Adventures still await us.


  1. Prayers and healing thought coming your way, Mr. Morris. We love you in Ohio!

  2. Thanks for the update! I was thinking about you and Morris early this morning when I was milking my cow. I am glad you were able to get him to the vet and get some information on what you can do to help Morris. I am hoping that he responds and gets feeling better soon. I know we are supposed to get cooler weather in a couple of days, and I hope you do too, as that will most likely help Morris. Okay, we are all pulling for you!!

  3. I really appreciate the update. Morris and his family were on my mind all day. He is a dear little soul. Your stories and photos have brought Morris into our hearts and homes. We know there will be an end, someday. But here's to Morris getting a second wind and enjoying walks through Tainter Hollow for a few more years! I so appreciate all of your posts, and how they have made us a part of your world. Keeping Morris, and you, and Rich, in my prayers. All the best, from my home to yours.