Saturday, September 16, 2017

The usual suspects...

Siera, the dark bay mule with the funky brand on her shoulder.

I told my grand daughter that Siera was bi polar. Not mean bi polar. Just sometimes she was happy and sometimes she was not happy. Her attitude can go from ho-hum to giving you cranky looks.
Here she stands off to the side looking a bit ugly at her pasture mates. She is consistent in this manner.
Hay is coming, time to stand off and look ugly!

The red heads and Fred. Poor Fred or is it lucky Fred? He is stuck in a pasture with all females.
Poor Fred.

The red headed sisters are their own little clique. They as a rule don't hang with the bay mules, Fred and Siera. They are usually paired off together. They will even lay down and sleep side by side.
I can take Sunshine out and go riding and Sunshine never pays attention to her screaming half sister. She walks away as if Sundance didn't exist.

It must be awful to be the only grey flea bit mule.

She truly is shunned by the other mules. She hangs out just near enough to the other mules but it seems as if the other mules are prejudice against her color. Odd isn't it?

Fred cries and fusses for all of the other 'gals' when I remove them from the pasture, but remains mum when Mica comes out with me.

We'll see how this new herd dynamic works out come next spring. I wonder if it will be the same?
Fifteen will be joining them soon so things should get interesting.

School will be back in session for 15 and Sundance once the weather cools down.

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