Tuesday, December 02, 2014


I keep hitting snags in the latest book writing adventure.  Actually.

I just lose focus and go off on a tangent.

I delve into Mandelbulb 3D and get entangled in creating something special.

Or I take a daily challenge in JWildfire and work on producing something else....

Oh wait!
I need to take a hike and see what the creek looks like for my 'Creek Photo Project'

Back to writing.
Chapter 4... 
Damn, I've got to edit some photos so they go along with the book!

But wait!
The animals need their stock tanks filled, I need a breath of fresh air.

I walk by my collection of very cool skulls that I've been 'meaning' to do something with for the past few years.
I have an excellent coyote skull.  Nearly perfect except I lost 3 teeth in the cleaning process.

So I stop to read about how to preserve this nice skull.

Next thing I know.

I'm hand painting them.

And then I put them on the Christmas Chair.

One raccoon skull beaded and one the other one just painted.

Someone said I was creepy.  Heck, I like bones.  Skulls are just a reminder that nature goes in cycles.

So...back to the book.
Hmmm, homemade chicken noodle soup sounds so delicious doesn't it?

So...back to the book...
and back to painting...
wait a minute.

What was I supposed to be doing?

That is me, staying totally un-focused.


  1. Perfect! And so it goes. I still love your Christmas chair. Where do you have it?

  2. In our living room. We live in a very small cottage and therefore I had to get creative with space and decorations!


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