Thursday, December 25, 2014

What's Christmas to a Cow?

Baxter Black's

What's Christmas to a Cow
I know you've prob'ly asked yourself,
What's Christmas to a Cow?
You've not!  Well maybe just perchance
I've got you thinkin' now.

When we march out on Christmas morn
like nothin's goin' on,
Has Yuletide struck the night before
and disappeared by dawn?

Where plastic sleeves a 'hangin' up
around the calvin' shed?
Did visions of molasses blocks
cavort inside her head?

And did she layawak at nght
tensed up, anticipating
Or, in excitement milk her bed
by accident, while waiting?

Do cows pretend to be just cows,
devoid of all intrigues
But really lead a secret life
like women's bowling leagues?

Did we just miss the mistletoe?
Did all the clues elude us?
Does she believe in Santa Clause
or just Santa Gertrudis?

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