Thursday, December 18, 2014

Do you want to go for a...?

I know how the sentence is completed.
....walk?  with a little lilt to her voice.

Sort of how she asks when she is inquiring if I'd like to ride in the car with her!

Of course!

Time to bounce bounce and run around madly while she puts on her coveralls and gets the camera.

Oh and she takes her pistol too.  I know for sure that the walk is going to be good then.  Well, wait.  She always takes a camera and a pistol.

So after I bounced enough, she opened the door and all the hounds decided to bark.
I ran as hard as I could in a big circle to let them know that SHE had picked me to go hiking with her.

And things went pretty nice as hikes go.

She took some photos of frost forming on the grass in the creek bottom.

The snow and ice from last month is gone, leaving lots of great things for me to smell.

When we got further down the creek I sat down and wouldn't move.  I wasn't going any further.
My nose detected extreme danger.  And my nose doesn't lie.

She was wearing that 'thing' on her head and she leaned down to pick me up. Apparently she thought that I was reluctant to cross the creek and get my feet cold and wet.

Heck no.

She did pick me up and then she must have sensed the danger too, because she started to really look around.  She was very still and I was very still.

Finally I think she spotted what I smelled.

The coyotes had been busy near one of the creek crossings.

The doe must have been up on the ridge eating corn because there was fresh undigested kernels of corn everywhere...

The coyotes are messy eaters.

She tucked me up under her arm and headed me back towards home.  That was okay, I made a huge jump over the water and led the way.

I really didn't want to hang around that place. The scent of the 'yotes was really quite heavy and it sort of stunk.

I wanted to get back home where I could lay on my blanket with Wise Ol' Frog and take a nap.

And that is the end of my 'Do You Want to Go for a Walk?' Story.

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  1. I love the hat! You have a very perceptive dog, don't be afraid of the dentist and Man! You are such a whizzzz with your computer. Especially loved the special effects on the photo of the two dogs and the moon (below). I have no idea as to how all this is done. You are a genius!