Sunday, November 30, 2014

Last Days of Gun Deer Season

Him: "Watchya doing today?"
Me: "Stuff."

Him: "You wanna get dressed up and walk down through the creek and make some noise?  Then you can go to the ridge road and work your way through all those apple trees and back down towards me."

Ahhh yup.  It was that time of year again.  The last few days of Deer Gun Season I get to play 'dog' ... as he calls it.

These were a couple of visitors to our creek bottom yesterday morning before the sun came out.

Off I went after hubby went on his way to wait.  My first walk yielded nothing, but I did get to see interesting tracks and feel the warm sun on my back.
The temperatures were rapidly rising and things were beginning to melt quickly.

I walked down through the creek and spent a lot of time just 'browsing' the area.
It changes so much from summer to winter.  I actually think it is more beautiful in winter and early spring.

The water from the trees above left circles in the creek pond....

I eventually went up and old cow/mule trail that is nearly impossible to find in the summer.  I had a bit of a struggle with briers once in a while, but I was able to make it to the top of the ridge.

Further down the valley I'd seen a group of hunters and had decided to stay out of their way.

I can't say that I 'love' deer season.  I certainly don't love the inept hunters that seem to show up on my neighbor's land.  Simply put, I don't trust them to tell Blaze Orange from Deer Brown.

That said I do trust my husband and will walk the woods for him.

The day went quietly.  No monster buck came through.
I personally think that he is hiding.

Good luck to the legendary 12 pt buck!

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