Sunday, August 31, 2014

Do you want to get up early?

I asked the Grand kids if they wanted up at 5:30 am - ish to go to Jersey Valley and watch the sun rise.

They said yes.

The morning was overcast and foggy, but I decided to chance it anyway.  Heck we might see something interesting and was supposed to be the coolest part of the day.

So off we drove.
And we were not disappointed.

The fog had not dropped into the valley yet.

And the morning view became incredible.

And some of the best shots came from none other than my Grandson Dennis with the Fugly Pink Camera.

Go figure right?

There was of course the obligatory 'Selfie' shot of all of us.  This one turned out the best...and not only that the most endearing and fun.

Morris came along and was probably the happiest dog in the world.

Thank you Dennis for the great shots, Thank you Ariel for taking such good care of Morris...

And thank you kids for agreeing to try this again tomorrow.
Maybe we can bribe Grandpa to get up with us and have breakfast in Westby on our way back!

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