Thursday, August 07, 2014


This has been a rather busy busy time for me, picking veggies every day in the garden and trying to process them so we have some fresh foods for supper and freeze the extra.

I got a new vacuum sealer for doing green beans, beats, summer squash, and most likely a TON of tomatoes, although it appears that blight got to them.
Our freezer will be full of fresh vegetables and beef for this winter.
Nice to eat what you grow!

The garden and the flowers that I've planted near the outhouse are providing me with some nice photo opportunities.

Below is from the garden, first is a Sunflower, second is the flower from a squash.

The peas are still presenting with beautiful little blossoms that I love to catch with the morning dew.

Lastly, yesterday morning I got home from work at a bit after 5am.  I grabbed my camera and went back to the ridgetop to watch the sun come up.

The fog made for an interesting backdrop to the sunrise.

I learned one thing.  Sometimes all the color and action may be towards the sunrise, but if you turn around...surprises await in the west also.

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