Sunday, August 17, 2014

Afternoon Delight

I felt a bit tired.
Probably from getting up early.  I like to get up early.

I'd done chores, then hopped into the car and ran my town errands.  By 9am I was back home.

I worked in the garden for a few hours until the sun burned through the foggy and overcast skies.

I picked green beans, yellow summer squash, cukes, picked up tomatoes that had fallen off the plants, and picked some carrots also.

I prepped all the veggies along with a zucchini for our veggie part of the supper.
Bacon, tomatoes. and all the vegetables I'd picked were going to be a part of a stir fry with crisp bacon topping it and melted cheese.
Sounds odd, but it would be an experiment.

I'd taken a hike to check on fences and dropped into the valley off the point.  I was able to find my winter snow shoe trail rather easily and it wouldn't take much trimming to make it ready for fall and winter hiking.

When I got back from that, I felt tired.
But I didn't want to really go in the house.

So I got a pillow and blanket and tossed them under  the shady trees between the hickory and the pines.

I laid down on my back and gazed up for a bit into the leaves and sky.
The slight breeze made a sighing sound in the leaves and pine needles.

Next thing I know I was sound asleep.  I can't recall sleeping so peacefully in such a long time.

So I wonder what my husband would think if I took a pillow and blanket and slept out under the trees at night?

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