Sunday, August 24, 2014

It is pickin' and putting up time!

I'm not going to preach growing your own food at anyone, but after not having a garden for a few summers and then...having a fantastic garden this year, well I'm going to say this:

It is a delight to sit down to a home cooked meal that is all grown on your own place. This includes the wild berries picked from the woods for dessert.

Not everyone can have a large garden.  And many people tell me how they are too busy to have even a small garden.  Or they don't like to garden, they are too old to garden.

Look at the health benefits.
The food is fresher than anywhere else.
Fresher than the Farmer's Market.
Straight from the dirt to the sink, to the table, how much more fresh can that be?

Organic?  Well if you grow it, you'll know it!

It can't help but taste better!

to this:

...and of course this.

The vegetable garden can also provide things of beauty...

Carrots tops:

Of course there is always the exercise too.  Bending over, pulling weeds, and harvesting.  

And there is processing what you harvest.  Right now I am freezing many of my vegetables in perfect sized packages for two people.  Green beans, carrots, and tomatoes get frozen in the same container or vaccumed sealed bag in perfect portions for those cold winter nights when we crave a nice good stew or soup.

Add some homegrown Dexter to it, and you have a fine meal. 

Again, all grown on our own place.

Last night I picked crab apples from a real crab apple tree, not those that nurseries sell as decorative trees...but good old fashioned hearty red crabs.
And they make lovely juice for jellies!

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  1. Nothing beats the home raised stuff. I'm envious of your garden this year, mine didn't go so good.