Friday, August 15, 2014

A Walk with Old Dog

Yep, Morris and I went for a nice long hike yesterday.  He supervised while I re-cut part of my mule trail in the woods.  Over the summer the berry briers had grown into the trail and I opened it back up now that Autumn is near and the plants are done growing.

We found some interesting plants while we were out hiking.

Here is Blue Coshcosh, also part of the Barberry family.  Scientific name: Caulophyllum thalictroides (L.) Michx. Family Berberidaceae 

It was a startling color to find in the woods.  I'm sure these have grown near my path before but perhaps I just have not seen them!

Just a bit further on we found some more Indian Pipes.  They seem to be abundant even though it is very dry in our area right now.

Yesterday was one of those almost perfect summer days.  Warm with a nice breeze during the day and last night it got down to 59 degrees!
Normally we experience some rather hot and muggy August days.

Actually our whole summer has been milder than in years past.  It has shown up in some of our garden plants, the cool nights have kept them from producing normally.

Yet the milder not muggy and horridly HOT days have provided for better hiking weather.  Morris thoroughly enjoyed playing leader.

He is very good at finding obscure deer trails for us to follow.

Old Dog is a good dog.

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