Sunday, August 10, 2014

An evening in August

I'd gotten a bit overheated yesterday hand chopping weeds along the electric fence in the hot sun.  There was no breeze in the spot I was working in.

But, when I finished, the fencer was sending a signal loud and clear through the line.

Enough so that 'WhoDunnit' our errant little bull calf decided he could not come back through the fence to his momma!

I went back outside after cooling off to enjoy the evening colors and sky, also to hopefully get a practice shot of the nearly full moon after it rose.

I'd like to get a full moon tonight.

So I wandered around the garden and into the pastures.

The cattle were content, but we had to start haying as the with the dry month the pasture is awful 'short' on feed.

I then went out by the mules hoping to get a shot of Cricket, the palomino mare.  I wanted to get a fancy shot of the edge of her face in the sunlight.

As soon as I took this shot, Willy came tearing up from the far end of his pasture.

I didn't crop this shot and also got an excellent 'eye' shot as he slowly moved in on me.
He lost interest in me and I didn't get any more chances.
As did Cricket.

The evening sun provided for what seemed a perfect setting for grazing animals.

And just after dark, I did get a shot of the nearly full moon.

Just before dark we reunited 'WhoDunnit' with his mom.  I think he'll stay inside the cattle pasture now that the fence is hot again.

There was a lot of sniffing and nursing going on.  
Calf reunited.

What a beautiful end to the day.