Saturday, June 25, 2005


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April 29th 1918~June 24th 2005. 87 years young.
Dad died yesterday and we will never understand the circumstances. Apparently he silently slide out of the house and made his way through my brother's yard and to the in ground pool. He unlocked the gate...which is an amazing feat for a legally blind man.
He was dressed in swimming trunks so he must have meant to go there. Dad could not swim and hadn't been near the pool in years. In fact he wouldn't go there unless someone was with him.

My sister in law looked out her window and saw dad floating face down.
Dad was dead. The coroner will try and figure out if he had a heart attack or he drowned.

I think he must have wanted to go by the pool for what ever reason and perhaps slipped and fell in.

The end result is the same. I lost my Dad, my photography cheerleader and much loved admirer.

I cannot bring him back, except in pictures. I love you Dad.

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