Friday, December 18, 2009

Winter Photography

This is the orginal image photographed yesterday. Although it is a decent enough photo showing the frost in the snow and the grass peeping through it, I felt it needed a little pizazz.

I used a Photoshop Plug in called Topaz Detail and helped boost the photo. This handy little plug-in works great for certain photos. You wouldn't want to use it on a lot of things, but I felt it worked so well on this frosted photo, that it warranted a mention.
Oh...I am currently using Adobe Elements 5 and this plug in works just fine on it.

I like shooting in the snow. It presents a whole new set of issues for photography. Not to mention how to keep your delicate cameras from getting froze up or moisture on them.

A handy site to read about protecting your camera in the cold is here:
How to do Photography in the Winter
"Protecting Your Camera:
Try keeping your camera as warm as possible as most malfunctions occur due to cold
batteries. If you can, keep your camera inside your coat and always use alkaline batteries whenever it is possible. Take along as many extra batteries as you feel you might need based on the temperature. If it is snowing, protect your camera with a zip-lock bag. Cut an opening for the camera lens and viewfinder. If needed, wrap a rubber band around the bag and camera to hold the bag in place. Do not blow the snow off the camera lens as the condensation from your breath might freeze on the lens. Brush all snow off instead. When you are done for the day, place the camera into a small plastic bag to protect from condensation on the camera when it is brought inside. Don't breathe through your nose on the camera's viewfinder when you photograph as you might create some ice on the viewfinder due to condensation."

If it is bitterly cold, I use my Pentax Optio W60.
Weatherproof, waterproof [to a degree] ... and they claim, freeze proof.

Lastly, shooting against all snow with an overcast sky can have special challenges too. The snow appears gray. To my eye it appeared whiter. I love winter photography. Images can be so much simpler. There isn't any busy foliage to 'muck' things up.
Plus, it is fun to get outside and get exercise!

Of course my hubby thinks I am not quite right in the head anyway.

Time to tune up the snow shoes!

The creek offers endless fun and patterns.

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