Monday, December 07, 2009

Traveling in the winter

Let me say that IF it looks like this~~ I don't go ... unless it is home from work.

The National Weather Service is calling for some really ugly weather to head towards us tomorrow night.
Right now it is snowing lightly, a very pretty snow.

Apparently according to the NWS, it could be a blizzard Tuesday night. Then the temps are supposed to drop off drastically.

Yet at the moment the roads are pretty good, with a bit of snow on them.
So I'm heading off for a spur of the moment drive to visit my oldest son in Kenosha [and his wife and dog!].

Morris, the seasoned traveler is accompanying me. He is a trooper and has gone with me in some pretty nasty weather.
Good boy.

Have a great day!

1 comment:

  1. Travel safely Val and Morris.
    Just a side note.....Toma's mother and father were from Kenosha. He spent many summer vacations there with his grandparents. His mom still claims that it was the coldest she's ever been, but then she has lived in Southern California for over 60 years now. A bit different I'm sure.
    We have a storm approaching also .. snowing lightly as I write this!