Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Happy Times in Kenosha

Taking advantage of some time away from work...I traveled to Kenosha with the first terrible snow storm following me on the 'heels' of my elderly Cavalier.

I brought a toy for my son. There is a story behind it, but it is rather long and involved. Let's just say I promised a young son many years ago that I'd replace his broken toy which was Optimus Prime from the then very popular cartoon show.

In reality, I never fulfilled that promise until this year when those 'Autobots' became popular again ...and I was able to find a toy similar to the one that was broken.

Of course we were all amused by how much harder the Transformer is to transform than it was years ago.

These lovely purplie fleece socks are from my daughter in law along with some awesome cuddle duds.
I have happy feet!

The snow is coming down lightly as I type this [I hijacked my son's laptop]. What does the day bring for us?

I don't know, but I'm sure it will be fun.
Supper is out tonight at a Mexican Restaurant here in Kenosha.
Yum...and then if the weather isn't too bad, we'll go peek at some 'city' xmas decorations!

If you'd like to see some totally awesome ... incredible ... wonderful ...shots of Christmas Decorations ~very tasteful~ please visit Galloping Geezer's photostream at Flickr, here is the link:

Holiday Light Show, Rochester, MN


grandma Jeanie said...

We are having a blizzard here in Central Iowa. I am getting my Christmas boxes ready to mail.
Also, I have been bottling my home made Concord wine. Turned out very good this year.

Are you having the same snow in Kenosha as we are having in the Des Moines area. I live 50 miles SE of DM.

Enjoy your writing.

Val said...

we are supposed to be having some bad stuff in kenosha...but at home near viroqua, wi there is blizzard conditions...yikes.
i'm waiting to hear from hubby...