Thursday, December 03, 2009

It Is Miss Dynah to You

Name: Dynah or Dynamite
Age: About 11yrs old
Molly Mule
Color: ~~ well you can see she is a loud appaloosa colored mule with the classic appy tail.

I promised earlier this year to catch my blogger friends up on introductions to some of our mules.

Dynah isn't really 'our' mule. She belonged to a good friend and has been passed on to us. We are her keepers.

But something strange happened along the journey of her becoming a member of 'our' family and herd.
She started tugging on my husband's heart strings.

Dynah has all the basics down, but she can be a bit pushy at times. She demands your attention and absolutely LOVES having her nice big appy butt curried. She literally groans with delight.

In the middle photo you can see my husband talking with Dewey our farrier as he unconsciously rubs Dynah's ears and neck.
Dynah absolutely respects his space, allows me to curry her, and catch her. But she really truly [me thinks~~~]makes googly eyes at Rich!

Nah, I must be seeing things.

He has worked with her quite a bit in the round pen and we are getting to the point of saddling manners and Beginning Riding 101.

Tonight when we came home with 18 round bales on the hay hauler, guess who was the first mule to run to the fence and start braying?

Miss Dynah.
I remarked to hubby that I believe Miss Dynah had just seen 'her take out dinner' arrive.
We really had to laugh because the expression on her face was remarkable.

...oh and I don't recall when I started to refer to Dynah as *Miss Dynah*.
But it sure seems to fit her.

[and she just loves BIG round Bales of Hay!]


mj said...

Something about those round bales brought back some very good memories for Miss Dynah. We really never know what goes on between those big long ears, do we? It looks to me like she's adjusting very well to her new home and family!

Laura said...

Now that is my sort of mule!! Isn't she wonderful?