Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How do we love winter?

The thermometer outside reads....
-------- eeks!

This is COLD!

When the temperatures dip like this at night, I think of those critters who live outside and think...man, I'd like to grow some fur!

Actually. I drove into town today and got groceries. Okay, not exciting at all, right?
The temps were very cold.
I drive from out in the boonies on some very poor back-roads.

I also dress for the weather. Always the oddball, I wore a stocking cap and insulated boots along with a scarf and...of course my ugly coveralls. What part of -15 windchill did they NOT get?

Can you imagine the looks I got from the city folk? No, I suppose not.
I however was not wearing a 'pile' of makeup, lipstick, and no hat. I did not have my hair done up.
I was not dressed for impressions but for survival in case the old Cavalier broke down on a back road.
No stockings, or tight jeans, no heels, and no fancy pretty coat.

I am no fashion diva that is for sure.

When I got home I dumped the groceries in the house. I turned around and began the evening chores.
Nature provided me with a spectacular sunset, the mules, donks, and horses, all let me know how happy they were ~~
it was a very good day.

I actually do love winter. I meet it with apprehension and then embrace it when it arrives.Tonight I sit back and enjoy the Christmas tree and the Jack Russell lazing in front of the heater.

All is quiet.
All is peaceful.

I love winter.

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