Sunday, December 27, 2009

Not Ready Yet!

I'm not ready yet to take down my Christmas Tree...and neither is Morris, I believe.
He enjoys sitting nearly under it and dozing.

[It is near where the heater blower is...I wonder...I'm thinking he loves the heater and not necessarily the Tree]

No matter, I like the bright cheery decorations and haven't tired of them or the warm soft glow of the lights at night. They look very inviting through the window when one is standing outside looking in.

Think Giving all year long.

Think of making someone smile, whether or not they are a close friend or relative
....or perhaps a complete stranger.

My motto for the day:

Be Nice.


grandma Jeanie said...

Be nice is a good motto if you have gifts to return.

We had lots of snow and ice, but we had a great holiday anyway.

Val said...

lol...I haven't had any gifts yet, we are doing Xmas tomorrow...our gift is getting together with family and spending time.