Thursday, December 17, 2009

Coyotes and the Creek

Morris is a trooper.

If I get my coveralls on and slide the gun belt on he is like...*Let's go NOW!* He is always ready, willing ... and gosh love

We walked the creek bottom. Of course, where else?
Actually this is the path used in the winter by most of the wild life. We saw raccoon tracks, possum tracks, and many deer signs.

Morris was a bit nervous about going with me past the Coyote den. It looks active this year. Last year no coyotes were using it.
I've had coyotes follow at a distance especially during breeding season. They like little dogs as a snack, I guess. Or perhaps they just don't like them in their territory.

I don't think I realized before how well Morris blends in with the creek bottom during the winter. He actually looks camouflaged doesn't he?

I brought along a little tripod to set up some water fall photos. Well we didn't get to any little waterfalls but I did use the tripod to set up a photo of myself and Morris.
This is what I look like in the woods.

Old coveralls.
Winter boots.
Stocking cap, or my Elmer Fudd hat.
Radio [2-way].
Snack in a back pack.

Mr. Morris is sound asleep on the couch, dreaming no doubt about going back out soon and playing in the woods.

As I did chores at dusk this evening, the coyotes serenaded us with their eerie voices echoing up the valley.


mj said...

Loved your post. So glad to see how really prepared you are when you take Morris into the woods. He would be the prefect coyote bait.
It's beautiful there ... you could do your own Jack Russell version of Bev Doolittle-type photography and call it "Where's Morris"???
So glad that you had a nice walk!

Val said...

I posted that photo on Flickr and someone said 'Bev Doolittle'...I am embarrassed that I had to look it up!

grandma Jeanie said...

Hi Val. You are a hard act to follow. You are such a good photographer and writer. I am a Registered Nurse and most of my most enduring memories are not repeatable.

The one thing I a admire the most is your skill with fire arms. I always depended on my husband for that skill and now as a widow I am sorry I never learned that much. I used to have a single shot rifle for Quail and rabbits, but after the boys got old enough I stayed home with the girls and gave up hunting.

I have coyotes singing to me every night, but I rarely see them.

Val said...

Thanks Grandma Jeanie. In my other life, I am a security guard which is not very exciting.
I grew up with hunting and because of my job went through firearms training.

The camera and the hikes...walks, or rides, are what I do for relaxation...