Saturday, December 12, 2009

Done, done, done...

While the bulk of my day was spent outdoors doing much needed duties [installing tank heaters, moving water tanks, re-routing a fence for the donkeys so they could get to a heated tank...
and various other things. Hubby is sick and if you have one like mine...when they are ill~~well, the world literally falls apart for them. He has COPD and getting sick is a few points below a major disaster for him].

The dish fairy did not come to the house while I was away at my son's place.
I'll have to talk to her.

I've spent the past two nights finishing the grand kids book. I haven't uploaded it yet as I'd like to preview it and look for any mistakes before sending it off.

I'm pleased. So tomorrow I'll look it over once more and actually read it out loud. This is a story about Morris who goes with his toys on an adventure to The Big Creek, which of course is in The Big Woods.
It is a story meant to be read aloud with children. The grand children are familiar with the characters and with the places that Morris and his cohorts have adventures in.
To me, that is the beauty of writing for your own grand children [I'm guessing other children could enjoy this also].

Even more fun is when they come over to visit and 'quote' from the books they already have. They delight in pointing out to me, Crazy Squirrel and Happy the Hedgehog.

As only children can do, they are the ones who 'created' such a great description of an old car in a ditch.
They coined the words 'Car Bones' which I of course used to describe the frightful object that Morris mistakes for something dangerous...
Car Bones indeed.

I found a great and fun challenge to use live animals with stuffed animals~~and photograph them for parts of the story.
Only the front cover, the back cover...and Morris 'dreaming' are edited.

Mules, Opposum, hound dogs, and Morris were actually fun to work with.
Okay...the 'possum was an accidental thing, but hey, it happened while I was shooting photos, so I went with it as part of the story.

A special thanks to Badger who seemed to know exactly what was expected of him.

Now of course, I have to think of another book?

Oh, and one last thing.
Imagination~what a wonderful ongoing gift it is.

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