Saturday, December 05, 2009

How to pose a Jack Russell

How to pose a Jack Russell for photos.


Nice doggy.

No petting though, that really distracts him from the cookie I have on my head.

You read it correctly.
A half a dog bisquit on the top of my head [actually on a hat].
It holds his attention.

Food= Bribes.
In the photo where he is wearing a scarf ... I held the cookie high with one hand ... and took photos with the other.

Thank goodness for auto focus!

After the silliness was done, we went out to play in the cold.


HBFG said...

So cute! Our little Cleo doesn't like to pose at all, she thinks it's stupid I am sure. But she does it nicely more or less, I'll have to try the "cookie on the hat" thing next time! *lol*

Val said...

Yes try that, food is a great incentive. I taught Morris to 'sit and stay' for a cookie.
That is what he is doing ... sitting and staying until it is cookie time.