Thursday, December 31, 2009

Eddie Update.....

Tonight we moved Eddie indoors ... gave him a pail of water.

He drank and drank.

Apparently he believes something is very wrong with the water tank [heated] he has been using along with Sunshine, Sundance and others.

Eddie is doing fine, right now.

He is a bit of a mystery.

But I know donkeys can be very finicky regarding their water. Perhaps his long ears got in 'touch' with the electric line that separates him from the mare and molly mule pasture.

This is a mystery to me also as he has been in this paddock since July...and has never had an issue with the water tank...

All I know is that he is eating, drinking, and seems to be happy as a clam...errr a gelding donkey!

What a day.


  1. I certainly hope that Eddie had a serious encounter with the outside stock tank and that is all that was wrong with him! I also give you credit for figuring out just what the problem was... silly animals anyway. But then I guess if I started to drink water and if felt like something bit into my big long ears I'd probably give the water tank a second look too!.

  2. I'm glad he's okay again!