Saturday, December 05, 2009

Goodwill and lending a hand

Sometimes you just do it.

It was a lark really. I didn't mean to get involved ~~ but I went to my neighbor's house to pick up a package that FedEx left at their place. I was irritated as this was the second day in a row that the FedEx person had left packages at the wrong address.

When I got back into my car, I could see Josh's car on the ridge by the old tobacco shed. I knew he was tearing it done to clean it up and recycling what he could out of it for money. The wind was blowing hard and I knew that it was cold, so I decided to drive out and see if he was okay.

He'd loaded tin from the roof of the old shed onto a small trailer.
I looked at his vehicle, I looked at the load on his trailer and did some mental math.

No way was he getting that anywhere in this snow squall with that little SUV that no longer had 4 wheel drive.
I tried to help him remove some pieces of tin that he couldn't get at, then told him that he needed a pry bar~~and by the way did he know that his right front tire was going flat???

He sighed and said that he didn't have a choice, he had to get this done today.
He was very polite and thanked me for stopping.

I drove home and asked hubby how he'd feel about helping 'the kid' out. Hubby tossed on his coveralls, we grabbed some pry bars and ropes...then took our full sized 4 wheel drive truck up to where Josh was working.

Long story short.
We helped. We pulled the load for him.
Then as he stepped out of the truck into the cold to retrieve his vehicle, I asked him down to our place for supper.

He said he had money and that he could go buy something to eat.

I said a home cooked meal would be nice.

We felt sorry when Josh left after eating with us and visiting for a couple hours.
His company had been fun.

And we knew that he was sort of 'homeless' in his own terms.
Yet he was determined to 'find his own' way.

He promised to come down and say good bye before he headed south for the winter.
We hope to see him again and wish him the best of luck.

Sometimes a lending hand and some Goodwill goes far.

For the Givers as well as the Receivers.


mj said...

Nothing makes a person feel better than when you can lend a hand that way. It was probably a huge favor in his eyes and something rather easy in yours! :o)

Val said...

Very easy for us, yet an evening he said he would never regret or forget.