Friday, December 11, 2009

Morris wants to Go Home...

I want to go home.
City life is too hard to understand.

Big trucks go by and I want to warn everyone about them. I bark~~
and get told to hush up. I get nervous about the people that walk their dogs in front of the house. I don't like snow plows, mail-ladies, the Fed Ex guy, or cars that slow down.
It makes me nervous.

Teslin tells me that happens all of the time.

The back yard is scary to me. So I run around and bark.

So I was naughty too.
I went down the basement and pooped on the rug and the floor.

I had no idea that basements are part of the house. I don't have a basement at home!
So I guess I was very naughty.

I'm trying to convince Teslin that she should come and live with me. She isn't sure she wants to because Val keeps making her do silly things ~~ like wear the Elmer Fudd Blaze Orange Hat.

I promised Tes that we could run with Val in the woods and eat icky things, roll in the nasty stuff, and have great fun.

She isn't convinced.
She says she really likes sitting in her chair and watching out the window during her day.

She says she'll come and visit.
And by the way...mules and donkeys braying make her nervous. Ponies scare her, and she has no idea what a chicken is.
So I guess we are different in a way.

Country dog.
City dog.

I miss home. Val says we are going today.
I will be sad to leave but happy to get home!

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mj said...

I hope that the trip home was a good one! I also assume that you've been very busy since you got home because you haven't been blogging. Just wanted you to know that I've missed your posts, but I'm hoping that you are getting caught up after your trip to Kenosha. And I'll bet Morris is glad to be back in the country! Hope all is well....