Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A little Christmas Magic...

Stuck down by the Diagnonsis of an upper respiratory infection, which really only means a very bad cold. [Although the good doctor heard...'noises in the lungs'] ~~~

This me leaves in a position.

I cannot go out for long hikes with Morris in the newly falling snow. This also means that I can't be out playing in the creek bottom taking photos, or trying to make a snow horse. I'm supposed to 'behave' myself. I hate behaving myself when it means staying inside when there is so much to explore outside.

However, it does allow me some free time to play inside with the photos I do have already and get creative.

Both photos are of my Christmas tree. The second one I worked over in Elements 5. I created some 'Amazing Circles' and faded one to look like a 'bubble' of sorts or appear to be a opaque glass ornament...
One never knows what I'll come up with...when the imagination runs a bit wild.

More to come after I figure out how to use some other special effects brushes.

1 comment:

mj said...

Sorry to hear that you can't get outdoors. I'll bet Morris is missing his snow adventures with you.
Your tree shot is very nice ... kind of like a kaleidoscope!