Sunday, December 27, 2009

Of Puppy Dog Tails and Old Man Trails...

I nagged and nagged.

I'm a good nagger.

Hubby finally agreed to get bundled up and take a 'hike' with me around the perimeter of the mare and molly mule's summer pasture.

The walking wasn't easy for dog nor human after an 18" snowstorm and 1.5" of rain/sleet/ice. The snow had a hard crust that you'd break through every other step.

Yet Morris and Dottie seemed to be able to find time to play and run. Dottie was a bit more confused as she'd run behind Morris who would stay on top of the crust...suddenly she'd go through and 'pancake' out with her head buried in the snow.

True to puppy nature, she'd get up and shake the snow off her face and then open up her mouth and 'bawl' with a beautiful hound dog voice at Morris. Morris of course, seemed to laugh and turn on the speed...until he too broke through and did a nose dive.
True to his Jack Russell nature, he just popped back up and continued running.

By the time we got home, we were all tired.
The dogs had both discovered that it was SO much easier to let their humans break trail for them...follow your master and you didn't get a snootful!

We checked the dogs' pads to make sure their were no cuts from the rough ice and snow surface...then...

Dottie went into her house and took a nice long nap.


mj said...

Now that's FUN! I love the fact that the older dog acts more like a puppy around the PUPPY! :o) Glad you all had a nice walk.
What camera did you use for your video and how do you make it same enough to actually post on you blog site. (If this is too wordy to explain ...never mind, I'll figure it out some day myself.)

mj said...

Oopps, I meant "small" enough ... my fingers got ahead of my mind....

Val said...

LOL MJ I'll send you an email explaining it...not hard!

HBFG said...

So sweet!