Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Driving in the a ol' GMC truck~~

Driving through the snow,
In an ol' GMC truck

Prayin' that the 4X4
Will not get you stuck

You gotta get some groceries,
From that place called Town.

Hoping like heck
You ain't run over by some clown.

The wind is just a blowin'
You cannot barely see.

Now where'd that stupid road go
It used to be by that tree.

~~~~Well you get the idea. The weather is pretty ugly and is only going to get uglier for the next day or so.
I lucked out of driving in the last nasty storm. Our roads in the township drift closed rather quickly.

[Today I had to drive through several small drifts, not very daunting in the daylight when you can see where you are going...and the truck can handle it...but....]

I have to be to work by tomorrow night at midnight. I may leave very early to get there, and depending on the weather, it could be a bear trying to come home across 30 miles of ridges and valleys.

Don't get me wrong, I love storms, I love to be out in them.
With Snowshoes!
Not with a vehicle!

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mj said...

Oh dear me! I guess living in Wisconsin you are used to those snow storms, but it looks like more of an adventure than I'd want to deal with to get to work. Hi ho, Hi Ho, and it's off the work you go....happy, safe trails to you!

Val said...

The adventure will begin tomorrow, today was just a taste of things to come!

If I can get to work safely and cannot drive home safely...I'll just stay and wait it out.

We are a 24/7 facility. I imagine if I cannot make it home, others won't be able to come in.

Adventures abound...