Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What a Day!

Last night I uploaded grand kid's book.
Well, after I put a link to it on Facebook I received an IM from a co-worker asking if he could order 2 books.
I was floored.

Then one of my neighbors asked for a copy also. Ohhhh-kay!

This morning I had an email from a woman in California asking if she could purchase a copy of the book for her kids.
Again my mouth fell open.

Of course!

I took another neighbor a dozen chicken eggs, she wanted to see my flowers book...the one called 'The Enchanted Forest'.
I took it with. We had a cup of tea while we browsed the book together.
She decided on the spot that her folks and her husband's folks each had to have a copy.
Take deep breaths here, I told myself. No way I could have a day like this!

I mean I'm not really trying to promote the books, I made them for my own entertainment and fun.
I ordered the Soft Cover copies for her, as they are more economically priced.

With THAT done, I went back to doing 'farm' work.
Lots of watering to take care of. The hens had fresh water 3 times today. In return, they gave me 3 eggs.
What a bunch of lovely girls.

I got poor hubby off his sick bed and had him dump round bales into each of the winter pastures.
The donkey gals sure sounded off with pleasure.
All I saw were donkey butts....
As the evening drew close to sunset, I walked up to the ridge to get the mail. Well...the photograph will tell it all~~


~and just remember this, if you are surrounded by nature, it changes every day. Look at each day with new eyes.

I had a full day. It was wonderous in so many ways.


Elizabeth Mahlou said...

The donkey butts brought a smile, and I love the black rooster.

Val said...

Thanks Elizabeth. [she is a hen though...I won't tell her!]
The donkeys are a constant source of entertainment.