Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Fun in the Snow

We love to hate snow storms...and some of us love snow storms.

I don't mind them usually unless I have to drive on a night shift and guess where the roads are, that is just plain creepy.

Last night we went out and looked at Christmas lights in Kenosha. Some of it was a bit 'garish' but fun.

The roads were terrible but my son drove carefully and we made it out to eat and back very safely.
By the time we reached their house it was sleeting and raining.

Seems we missed the big storm here in Kenosha.

At home however my husband says that it is a monumental effort to just do chores. This means I need to get home and help him.

The temps are dropping dangerously at home. Old Lady Cheyanne got moved indoors.

When I stay away from home too long, I begin to worry about things at know?


grandma Jeanie said...

Great pictures as your pictures are.I am pretty much snowed in here.

My dog, cat, and mules seem to like the snow just fine.

I hope to get out today sometime.

Val said...

I think I can head home tomorrow, the roads were still impassable on our township level.
Hubby said that the town plow just went thru on the ridge.

Snow shoes are a must when I do get home.