Thursday, June 06, 2019

My Doggy Vacation ~~ By Teslin

I acted all sad and unhappy when my 'Dad' left. He is a good guy but I know when he comes to the Mom house I think he may leave me for a doggy vacation.

This time was really different. Morris wasn't there. A little black doggy with a funny face was there instead. 

So my Dad left. At first I decided I would just wait for him to come back and watch out the window. 

I got tired of that and took a nap. Then Charlie said we could walk around and look for Dad.

Charlie isn't so bad after all. He is little but seems pretty nice.

And I even went and sat next to the Rich guy. He talked to me and asked me if I was okay. I wagged my tail but wasn't sure I wanted to be petted.

Well now. It seems that Dad is letting me have my own vacation. I did a lot of walking around the yard with Charlie and then we both laid down on the porch and watched the Mom person water plants. I decided that maybe I better make 'nice' with her since she seemed to be in charge of the Food Things.

I like food stuff. People food is much better. I've never seen a human beg for kibbles and that is a fact.

When the Mom lady sat on the couch [Charlie was sleeping on the porch], I borrowed her phone to see if Dad had texted.

I looked at the thing called Facebook and had seen where he posted that he was starting an adventure. I couldn't hit the like button or reply. I'll get the Mom person to help me.

It is nice to be able to spend time outside sniffing things. I met Sven, the goat. Not impressed. He has no ears and eats grass for real. 

The Mom has a great big huge monstrous pony too that eats grass in the yard. I stayed away from him.

I stick by the Mom now. I follow her into the bathroom and keep near her. I think she thought the fact that I pushed the bathroom door open was pretty funny. She laughed.

I ate food on the landing. Charlie leaves my dish alone up there. He just sits and watches.

Then later I had my 'good' stuff. Charlie ate his food at his feeding spot and I ate my 1/2 can at the same time. Charlie didn't even come over to take any.

So maybe Charlie isn't so bad after all. The Mom is still pretty nice and Rich guy is pretty nice too.

So while Charlie chews on his bone, I'm going upstairs for a nap.

Maybe this won't be so bad of a vacation after all!

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  1. Hope your Vacation is carefree and easy for you! :)