Saturday, March 09, 2019

Travels with Charlie, Basil, Logan...

I was sitting having some coffee after doing chores that I decided to 'take a hike' off the farm.

On a whim I texted my neighbor to see if she was busy or not. *Would you, Logan, and Basil like to go to the KVR for a hike? It is ok if not.*

The weather was going to change again on Saturday, the forecasters had predicted a rain/snow/icy wintery mix with the possibility of up to half an inch of rain before it changed.
I figured things would be a mess over the weekend and with the temperatures starting to rise, this might be one of the last nice days to hike.

Text back *Sure we are up for it!*

I set everything up for Rich and got him up so he could have his breakfast and meds. I put his lunch in a microwave dish and he said he could warm it up.
It was a go...

I picked up my neighbor and we headed towards the Kickapoo Valley Reserve. Logan was happy in the back seat where Charlie kept alternating between his 'car' seat and sitting next to Logan.

We decided to search for an ice cave. Logan was thrilled and the trail was packed and easy to follow.

This trail is one of my favorite trails in the KVR. It is an out and back, not too difficult, yet it has a diverse change of scenery.

Dogs are allowed to be off leash on the trails except during nesting season for the birds.

Someone had fun writing in the snow along the trail.

 And then we added a note too.

Ice Cave!

It wasn't one of the huge ice caves, but Logan and the dogs were impressed and had fun smelling everything. There I am with my cat face mask on and the Skunk Hat ... of course!

The Ice formations have become rather popular to see and the Reserve ahad to post a sign to people who hike there to *Be Nice to the Ice*.  Basically they don't want you disturbing these beautiful creations. No climbing on them or breaking them. I had to give the ice a hug.
I was being Nice to the Ice!

We explored the 'cave' and then headed down and around the deep snow to the second place that generally has a huge Ice Fall.

Logan and Basil are walking on top of an ice fall that is buried under the snow. The time to photograph this 'fall' is when the snow cover is nearly gone.

Like last year:
Same place just below the formation with my friend Daryl holding Charlie.

The temperatures climbed up and I told Logan to lead the way out of the little steep area. He was game and the steep climb was on!

Back on the trail we hiked to the end of Wintergreen trail where it dead ends on a tree covered bluff.

It was time for snacks and some hot chocolate.

On the way back over one part of the trail, Logan stopped to listen to the water traveling deep under the snow and ice pack.

I took a shot of the ice below us. Amazing blue ice...

And to top things off, Logan left the next travelers with a reminder that he had been there....

Late that afternoon, Charlie slept on the couch and dreamed of more adventures along the Wintergreen Trail.

And all was good in his doggy dream world...

I imagine that Basil had to have a rest too....

Thank you Lauren and Logan for the great adventures!

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