Saturday, March 23, 2019

Walking the...goat?

With the rapid warm up, things have turned to mush, the gravel roads are soup in places as is my driveway.
Patience will prevail and things will return to normal once the deep frost comes up and out of the ground.

Sven is such a hoot. My neighbors are still bottle feeding him and letting him out in the yard to play with the kids and go on little walks with him.
He'll come home in about two weeks.

Lauren and I decided to go for a walk on Thursday, we both took a break from our 'house' duties. I put Sven on a lead and off we went up the road. He is such a quick learner! I didn't put a collar on him but used what I call a slip. If he pulled and jerked the rope tightens a bit [no I would not let him choke himself]. As soon as he stops pulling it loosens.

It only took him about 100 yards to figure that out. He walked better than most dogs do on a lead!

We walked about two miles and enjoyed the fresh air. Basil and Sven and two ladies walking up the gravel road and enjoying the first day of Spring.

On the way back I wanted to see if Sven would follow me across some running water. He did, but mainly because Basil went first. We crossed again and he acted as if it were no big deal.
The arrow points to Basil's tail as she leaped over the water....

I can't wait to take him and Charlie on a walk together next. That may be a goal for this weekend.

The amount of yard work I need and want to do is almost overwhelming. Along with that I need to put up the fencing for the sunny side of Sven's new pen. My Kenosha Friends are going to help me with the goat stall inside the shed and the 'goat' doggy style door I want put in.
I have some old wooden spools to set out as well as some old broken plastic water tanks to use with planks to set up a play ground in his pen.

I intend to have Sven out on a tie out in the summer to clean up the nasty weedy spots in the yard. Goats are good for that.

So more goat walking is in the near future.
How about a trip down through our woods to the creek?

We visited with Rich's PCP for the VA this week. She noted the deep depression he had and suggested some more 'tests' for lung function and some therapy. I should have just told her to forget it. If you don't help the depression he won't care about the rest.

Though his latest set back was actually not a medical one.

All right. The sun will come up soon and I need to go for some feed and groceries!


  1. It snowed here yesterday, typical March day. Sunny today but cold. I wish spring would get here, need to get started on yard and fence work. Love the goat training pictures, he seems really smart.

    1. I really need to be doing more outside work too. I need to fix some fencing and clean things up to get ready for spring...summer and then the yard work and the gardening starts!
      Hope you see spring eventually!

  2. I wish there was somethinh they could do for the depression....I heard of a new medication only available in Doctors offices...but it is habit forming. Here is the link

    Sven will probably follow you without a lead rope:) He is pretty cute walking around!

    1. In August they hospitalized him and used a Ketamine Infusion, he really perked up and then he had a painful issue with his knee. So painful he didn't want to walk. After months of messing with that...meaning referrals, he had the Pulmonary Emboli and now this latest emotional set back. I will bring it up at our next appointment in two weeks.
      Sven will follow without a lead but we had him on the road so the lead was for safety as well as training.
      Thanks for that link.