Monday, March 11, 2019


I like to try and 'see' just how the creek keeps changing.

So here are two photos that show what changes occur 9 days apart.

The above photo was taken on the 25th of February.

This next one was taken on March 7th.

Well, that is as close as to being the same shot as I could recall in my head when I was walking through the other day.

Ice wall. 3/7
 Ice wall 3/10

It is sort of fun to try and see the changes as they occur. Come spring the wall will remain the same but the greenery will start to pop here and there. Ferns will grow along with some other interesting plants. The creek will rise and fall with the rains, and as with everything else, it will continue to change.

I may miss winter...or maybe not...

But I know I will surely look forward to the seasonal changes...


  1. I am so ready for no snow, it is raining here now. If it isn't one thing it is another:)

  2. We are inches of ice under that rain and now flooding... sigh...