Thursday, June 11, 2015

While I was away ~ by Morris

I went on a town thingie vacation.  I sure was confused as to why I had to live in town, but SHE assured me as did Uncle John and Aunt Nancy that this was only a temporary.  

I could come back to the farm and eat icky stuff and roll in icky stuff.

Each day I got to go with Uncle John to work.  I used to go to his office as a puppy, so this was no big deal.

I was home for a week and then went back to town.

Then SHE stopped by the office where John works and visited.  
I know SHE needed me.  SHE had that smell about her and that look about her.

You know of course that dogs can sense these things.  

So when I was supposed to go back inside, I sat by HER Subaru and wouldn't move.
Then I gave her my best 'googly' eyes.  Big sad empty eyes.

She melted and pronounced that she would come and get me that very next day.

...and they say dogs are not smart!

When I got home I noticed that HE was not his usual grumpy self.  I smelled him all over and checked him out.

HE needed my watching.

So I laid down next to the day bed and did my best to watch and take care of him.  SHE was worried and every once in a while I'd have to get up and sit in her lap to let her pet me.  That calms HER down.

Finally it seemed things were better.  I checked everyone out and decided that I would cuddle up tight next to HER. She needed comfort and she needed rest.

They ... whoever 'they' are don't give dogs enough credit. We are smart we have a sense of things.

And I knew where I was needed and what I needed to do.

For I am Morris.
The Incredible.


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