Saturday, June 20, 2015

Wishing it was Grandma & Grandpa Camp...

Last year we were in day two of Grandma & Grandpa Camp.
This year due to health issues [see The Long Road if you are curious].

Grandpa Rich is doing much better but lacking in energy still.

We sure would like to have all the kids here again this summer but everything is sort of up in the air at this point.

Work called and after being off the books for a month, they are sort of desperate to have me come in and cover for a full time person who is having shoulder surgery on July 6th.

I must admit, I will not mind going back to work.  I miss having those deposits in my account!  I have my eye on an infared filter for doing some creative photography.

For a while this spring I considered giving up a regular job all together in favor of striking it out on my own in the field of art and photography.

Well, I like it when I know I am getting paid, and I am horrid at promoting my own work.

That aside, we are going to work on trying to set up some times in the future this summer for kids to come and visit.
Working out the details will be a bit confusing as I never know when my work will want me.

But who could pass up the chance to enjoy having children around?

Morris says he misses having all the kids around here too.

So let's hope things continue to improve and we can have some adventure this summer.

I doubt I'll have the hours off, but hopefully we can work something out.

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