Friday, June 05, 2015

Let's go fencing!

We don't have the normal pastures, no nice flat land, no nice even terrain.  Steep hills, steep terrain and a lot of woods.

The downed trees were supposed to be moved, and piled but since hubby had to put these things off due to going for cancer treatment, I decided to go ahead and fence around and through the 'downed' stuff.

The mules need to get back in this section of the woods and do some cleaning. After a year's rest, many areas had grown back with lots of grass and good mule browsing.

At the upper end of the property Annie, Speedy [the calf], and Valerie watched me set up the connections for the new fence on the wooden post.

All that is left for me to do is run the Enduro-soft electric fence.  The breaking strength is 1800 lbs and has a life time of up to 25 years.
The fencing is pricey, but I've had trees fall on it and it didn't break the fence, but did stretch it.

The fence is like a soft rope and can be used as a permanent fence.

We use a combination on some of our fences. Here is a sample of what we use around the cattle's meadow.

Once I finish this project I have only one left.

We also use electric to keep our animals off from the line fence which is barbed wire.

It works great.

Since I have become the 'head' fencer this summer, I've enjoyed the work.

Soon we'll have the last of the mules on summer pasture.

SHHH, don't tell my husband that I actually have enjoyed this work. The only really difficult part was carrying everything to the woods and using the old method of 'post pounding' to set the posts. can keep an old lady in shape!


  1. Kudos! You are something!

  2. Building fence can be a very pleasant and satisfying job. I'm glad you were able to get out and enjoy it.