Sunday, June 07, 2015

Thanks thanks...and thanks so much...

To my eldest son who came out to help for a day on the farm.

Oh yeah...I did find a two spots that need some chainsaw work...wonder why I never checked that fence?  I will do a line over those sections.  There is always a way to jury rig things so they work...right?

Here is son trimming along the fence line.  

Our supervisor, Teslin kept an eye on everyone.

Even hubby got in on the act, feeling well enough to come out and talk and even ride the mower for a bit.

After hubby went to take an afternoon nap, I decided to go check fences and walk with the camera.

It was nice just to wander a bit around the woods and pastures.
Even the 'girls' were excited to see me.

All I can say is that all the work that got done was such a relief.

And seeing hubby out and about was worth it...

So thank you Ed, your are amazing!


  1. Oh what a wonderful day!

  2. Val...So good to see your husband out and about.