Thursday, June 04, 2015

Where IS Morris?

Ahhh, Morris!  Morris I miss you!

Morris went back to 'Uncle John and Aunt Nancy's' house on Saturday evening.

They were so happy to see him back.
I was sort of sad to see him be so happy with John and Nancy.

These are some dear friends who have always given Morris a second home if I have been traveling and for some reason hubby wasn't able to take care of him.

Morris as I said before was raised as a guest puppy at Dr. John's office.  He learned to greet patients and he also learned great social skills.

Here is Uncle John sitting with Morris when I dropped him off.

He looks rather comfortable doesn't he?

Hmmm, almost too comfortable!

One of the wonderful things about these folks is that they know if I need to see Morris, I can just call or drop by and have a visit.  I'm not ready for him to come home quite yet as we still have another 7 days of travelling for appointments.

But knowing that I can see him and get Morris kisses is a great comfort.

I almost think that his 'Uncle and Aunt' are wishing that Morris didn't have a home to go to when all of these appointments are done!

Morris has his own easy chair.
Morris has a special bed and new dishes at the office and at home.
Morris is in routine at his alternate home.
If Aunt Nancy isn't up for work by a certain time, he will go awaken her.

I think Morris may even run their household.
When I picked him up for Memorial Day weekend, he casually laid on his recliner and simply stared at if to say...

"So, what do you want?"

What I do love about dogs and Morris especially is that he seems so adaptable to any situation.  He is at home at his ... home in town.

He has trained his people to his wishes.

I can't wait to get him back!

So he continues to go to the office and supervise everything that goes on there.
He continues to greet patients and turn on his charm.

Morris, I may come and see you at Uncle John's this weekend!
I miss you!

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