Monday, June 09, 2014

Morning Farm Report

Oh yes the sun did finally come over the horizon ... just now and start shining into our hollow.

The clouds were quite beautiful with their pale colors this morning.

Meanwhile in the Merry Meadow, the donkey herd [which keeps seperate from the mule/horse herd] was resting comfortably.

They obviously think they have it good there.  
Much nicer than a dry lot or the winter lot.

Grass to roll around in and eat...even while laying down!

We moved the Dexter Cattle to their little paradise yesterday.
This morning I just see heads of the cows and Black Bart.

I'm sure the calves are sleeping nearby.  The grass is a bit over knee deep which makes it taller than the calves right now.

I'm positive that the cattle will trim it up quite nicely and then it will be time to rotate.

The Ox Eye Daisies are beginning to bloom.  They are actually an invasive species, but are quite pretty to photograph.
Farmers don't care for them in the pasture as no animal will eat them.

Soon the red hawkweed or Devil's Paintbrush will be in blossom also. 

The black berries are blossoming in the woods.

All is quiet on the Farm before I head off to work.

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  1. I love all those ears poking up out of the grass like flowers:)