Saturday, June 21, 2014

Grandma & Grandpa Camp Officially Has Begun

It is safe to say that the trip back was fairly uneventful and it looked like it was going to be rainy and foggy.

But the closer we got to home the nicer it got.

The sun came out and it became the perfect summer day.

We barely unloaded and slightly organized when the rest of the gang showed up.

There was a mad dash to put on some play clothes and head off with Morris in tow for adventure.

The kiddie pool was perfect for Elena.

Who decided that today was the day she would get UP and crawl!

Lily played in the mud with the other kids.

There were water fights, splashing, running, and more running.

Then Elena needed a nap.

All that activity!

Morris, the ever watchful and faithful Jack Russell, decided he would watch over her while she slept.

The kids all played until twilight.

Morris spent the night sleeping on the edge of the couch so he could watch Elena sleep in the Pack n Play.

He has soooo many kids to watch over right now.

He knows he is just plain happy.

The girls thought they'd stay up and yack in their room, but very quickly the lights were out and all was quiet.

It was one fine day.

The First Official Day of Grandpa & Grandma Camp!


  1. What fun for all! You and Rich are some pretty awesome g'parents, Val. I know you're having as much fun as the kids, and I'm loving reading all about it. The pics are fantastic.

  2. have a great camping with grandpa and granny....
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