Monday, June 23, 2014

Day 3? Of Grandma & Grandpa Camp!

There aren't a lot of shots from yesterday as it started out horribly hot and humid.

After eating breakfast the three older kids went out and did what chores they could do.  
'Can we go out to play?'

Off they went to feed animals.
I was a bit stuck with Elena as she was very busy trying to move like lightening across the floor and hone up on her crawling skills.

She was following Morris and trying to open his crate and crawl into it.  She got angry because she hasn't figured out the door latch on it yet.

Grandpa had to go back to bed.

When the kids came in they told me that it was HOT out.

So we swapped places, the girls watched Elena play while I went out and finished up chores and watering all the stock tanks.

Then it was snack time and lunch time.

Tell me that Elena does not have the cute-ness factor of 10!  I dare you!

We decided to head out to town and I'd show them where I work.
We started out but then I realized that the clouds to the west were very dark and there were spotters on the ridges.

We turned around and came home.
The storm blew through and while it rained we watched Benji.

After the movie, it was brownie making time.

It was an awesome group effort.  
Everyone had a hand in making them.

Elena supervised from her 'high' chair and ate Honey Nut Cheerios.

The kids each night volunteer to help with dishes.  I was naughty.  I did do a slight bribe on this account.
Whoever volunteers gets an hour with the Kindle to play games.

But hey, I have no shortage of dish-washing help!  And the other grands clear the table and put things away.

Morris has been the 'bomb'.  He keeps tabs on the kids and especially Elena.
He pulled a blanket over to near her Pack n Play last night and made his bed so he could be next to her while she slept.

Last night the kids ran out after helping with cleaning up the 'Grandma Ooops' supper [I didn't have spaghetti sauce in my cupboard!  We had buttered noodles instead!]...they ran outside to do chores with Grandpa Rich.

He merely supervised while they tossed flakes of hay to the proper animals.

The girls wanted to get up early to see the sunrise.
It is nearly 7am and the whole house is still sound asleep except Morris and I.

Glow sticks?
Playing with the neighbor kids?

So many things to do.  

Tomorrow we are hoping to go to Jersey Valley for a picnic with the neighbors.  Grandpa and Lily want to have a fishing contest.

Just need to say this.

I have the most awesome-ist Grand kids ever.
I think Grandpa and Grandma will be crying when these wonders have to go home.  And not crying with happiness either.

These few days have enriched our lives and I must thank the parents for allowing their little wonders to come and stay on the farm.


  1. I am so glad for that you are all getting to spend this time together. It sure looks like fun.

    That is an amazing sky photo!

  2. Oh I am so jealous, cant wait until I have grandkids so I can do this!!!