Sunday, June 22, 2014

GG Camp Day 2

Day 2.
Wow already?

The kids slept in late.
I guess country air is good for them.

Even Elena slept in late.
[This morning it is past 6am and she is still zonked out.]

We all went to The Fort.  Which is a pile of rocks in one of the wooded pastures.

The kids loved climbing around on the rocks and looking at the moss.

Elena even got her first taste of clover buds.
At this age everything goes in the mouth and she tried out the sweet ends of red clover. 
She liked it!

Our morning walk turned into a rainy morning walk, but we all had a blast.  Elena absolutely loved the stroller that my neighbor lent us.
She cooed and kicked her feet the whole way, even when it was raining on her legs.

The rain passed and the afternoon got warm.  The kids changed into their swimsuits and played in the stock tank and baby pool.  

Elena sat on the large carpet and watched cheering them along when she wasn't banging on the ice cream bucket or charming Grandpa Rich.

Then there was supper and a meeting on doing a few things to help this ol' Gramma out.
The kids each volunteered to assist with washing dishes and clearing the table each night.

I wasn't too surprised as they have been going out in the morning to do chores on their own.  Ariel usually leads the way.

After evening chores Grandpa and Dennis played catch.  The girls went to visit the mares, donkeys, and mules in the Meadow and Elena slept.

Another beautiful day at Grandma & Grandpa Camp.

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  1. This is such an awesome adventure for these kids, Val, and for you and G'pa, too. I declare! Kids who do chores without being asked! What a concept.


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