Saturday, June 14, 2014

Dear Ariel

Dearest Ariel.

I got your letter last night when I came home from work at 1am.

Sorry I couldn't talk this morning but chores were waiting and I know you wanted to chat.

I loved your letter and the idea of creating a Morris Book Adventure with your input.  That would be fun!

The Dexters are on summer pasture so they have plenty of grass.

Houdini, Bunny, and Whodunnit are having a blast in the meadow.

I have the blocks of wood tipped up by the watering tank behind the shed so you can sit and watch them.

We can move them when you come for other places to watch the herd of donkeys and horses...and mules.

Fried potatoes will be on the menu for you to try and we can go and find some weeds to cook.  They are called Lamb's Quarters and you don't need to eat them, but if you want, that is okay.

Sounds like you are having good summer fun already.
I wish I could teach Dixie to retrieve a ball so you guys could throw it and she'd bring it back.

Cricket is pretty but I don't know her well enough yet.  You can certainly keep an eye on her.

Lily will probably enjoy finding things out about being on a farm and it helps that she would have someone close to her age to do it.

Morris says that he is anxiously awaiting you and the many adventures you all can have.

Princess is in the big meadow now and I have not been working with her as I want to work harder with Siera.  But she will be the greatest donkey ever.

If you want to be a vet, ... awesome!

I just thought you'd want to know that.

Love you.

Your Grandma Val


  1. Sweet. There will be lots of fun in your near future.

  2. It was an easy way to tell what is going on and write her back immediately.

    It was a good way to blog yesterday.