Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Grandma Grandpa Camp? They forgot me, Morris.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to watch 3 bigger kids and a baby kind of kid that is just my size all at once?

I mean I love kids.  I like kids.

All that kid watching can wear an old fella out.
It is like watching a whole litter of kids ~~~  especially when you add the kidlits from the neighbor's place.

I'm the dirty diaper alert-er deluxe.
I can smell when the wee little one with the thing they call a NUK in its mouth does the smelly thing in her diaper.

I get all happy and try to stick my nose up her leg.

Grandma Val goes 'EWWWW and so do some of the other folks around here.'
I don't think EWWWW at all.

But then I guess they don't have refined noses like myself.

I've snuggled with the girl kids and most nights I spend in a nest I make next to the wee kidlit.  She can crawl pretty good for a pup.  Her eyes are open and sometimes she even growls at me.
I'm not sure what that is all about though.

My most important job so far has been to come into the kitchen after meals and after the wee one eats and clean up the floor.

I'm pretty sure it is an important job and I just don't see Grandma Val getting down there and licking up the spilled crumbs.

Well, I better go take a nap in my crate.
The wee one with the plug in its face keeps keeps trying to grab me.

I learned after one pinch that it is best to avoid her little hands.

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