Friday, January 03, 2014

2013 in Review...a good year

Near the end of Novemeber 2013, Dixie the pup came into our lives which led to many Dixie-Morris adventures.
She began as a wee pup who was smaller than Morris and in two months was...well, you see.  A pretty big dog!

I spent a lot of time with Opal and neglected Siera who had been put aside for a while I was too 'busy' doing other things [including work].
My attention was quickly drawn to Siera on the day I separated her from her mare buddies.

She threw a temper tantrum and ended up being sick enough to call the vet.
I had let Siera out on pasture all summer and hadn't paid much attention...her biggest issue?
She got very fat.
Naughty me.  Even Naughtier me for not working working with her all summer.

I started her on a hand walking regime daily.

It acutally improved our bonding and we moved her in with Fred and Opal so she'd have company and could see the mares in the distance.
She started her own 'exercise' program of pacing the fence.  However, being smart from the first instance, she did not have a occurrence of the first problem and lost weight quite nicely.

5 yrs of on and off again training finally paid off.  Siera is now a steady solo mount for anywhere.  A huge plus is that she will take Morris along in the saddle when he tires.  [Morris will be 10 in 2014].

In 2013 I took some trips.

There was my son's wedding.  Where I discovered that I really did enjoy photographing the wedding ...not dread like I thought I would.

A trip to Virginia to see my brother with my mom.

There I found and became fascinated with the Hobbit Tree...also know as the Metasequoia glyptostroboides - dawn redwood.

And let's not forget the many adventures with my grandchildren and the birth of Elena Ruby.

Yes, 2013 was interesting and exciting.
In 2014 I thought I'd have something else to look forward to.

I had thought about a trip to Hawaii.  Perhaps even a solo one.
But then I came up with a more interesting idea.

After all, grand children are so much fun.  Kids are soooo much fun.
Why not take a week from work and be a Grandma with Grandpa?

Have all the Grand children at once?

We are going to call it.
Grandma & Grandpa Camp 2014.
We'll see how it works out this year.
But I think it could be a fun tradition.

Let me mention here some of my favorite Blogs of 2013.

The Three Muleteers from across the big water.

The Dancing Donkey from the upper NW of the US.  I hope she can correct me if she'd like.

These are fun entertaining and....and!  And!  Very worthwhile reads.  I've learned quite a bit from both blogs.

I also enjoy browsing some other favorites:
The Skoog Farm Journal there is always something going on at her place!

And for art?  My favorite?
fraktalblog by Jorge Ab
Jorge has encourage me to join a group of crazy wonderful fractal artists and improve and challenge my creative abilities in this field.

So you see.
Not counting the critters I have.
2013 has been busy and fulfilling.

Now on towards 2014!!!


  1. It's been good getting to know you and your critters this past year. Your summer camp project sounds like a lot of fun, I'll be looking forward to hearing about it.

    PS - I am in cold, frozen New York, "enjoying" the freezing temps you had last week:)

  2. Great year and lovely to look back at some of those pictures and adventures, we've really enjoyed your blog and wish you and yours a great 2014!


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