Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Taking a Walk

...I like to try and make each day count.  Besides there were some fantastic frost formations in the creek bottom this afternoon.  I was out for just over 2 hours.

Yeah it was cold.  But it was warmer than the day before and when I got into the valley it may have been cooler yet, but there was no wind.

Taking a 'self' shot like this is really not easy.  This camera is my knock about camera.  Good thing I took it, I dropped it in 8" of snow, banged it against a tree, and nearly dropped it in the water when changing the little thingy to put it on a tripod.

It has a 10 second delay on it.  Push the button and run like hell and see if you can get in the shot.
I got it on the second try.  But let me tell you, I got my sprinting and creek jumping in for the day!

Morris did not come along.  He walks in the creek and runs in the snow.  At 3 degrees  F, his poor feet get very cold and I end up carrying him.
Last time he got to shivering a lot.  If we are hiking and I am not messing with tripods and such, he will stay pretty warm as he is always running.

Had a great first day of 2014.  Looking for many more.


  1. Happy New Year Val, as always lovely pictures! You won our blog of the year award this year - we always enjoy your pics and reports on Sierra and Morris especially - so thoroughly deserved!

  2. What? No way! LOL!


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